I am the simplest web developer, with over 10 years of experience as a programmer.

At some point in time, I had the idea to start my own professional blog.

The implementation of this idea, I substantiated for myself the following reasons:

One of the reasons is the need for self-education and constant reading of those. or other specialized articles. I don’t have any problems with Russian, but there are certain difficulties with English. Since I am not fluent in English, and in order to read an article in English and really understand what it is about, I need to translate it.

And this is a certain work and time that it is a pity to throw out immediately after reading. Although many articles that I come across are not worth the time spent, nevertheless, it seems to me that this is a relative criterion and it is always more useful to share the result of your work with others.

Another reason, and probably the most important, is this peculiar form of dealing with the impostor syndrome. Everything is good when there is an interesting job that completely captures you and you do not have time to think about something else. But this does not always happen.