The first hypercar of 2022 from Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg, one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to hypercar, shared a clue for the model it will introduce in 2022. Koenigsegg, one of the first automotive manufacturers that comes to mind when it comes to performance, has published the first clue about the hypercar it will introduce this year. Sharing the covered photo of the hypercar on its Instagram account, the company managed to excite car enthusiasts.

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Koenigsegg, which has a very important place in the hypercar market, entered the new year with a sharing that made the automobile industry wonder. The company, which wants to take its competition with Bugatti to a different dimension, shared the first image of its new model. Koenigsegg will introduce its new hypercar in 2022

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In the shared photo, unlike the other models produced by the company, the recessed taillight design draws attention. The taillight design, reminiscent of the CCX produced in 2006, was liked by many. The Koenigsegg CCX is the first car to use a self-developed 795 hp V8 engine instead of a Ford unit.

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The design lines of the new model are also inspired by the CCR introduced in 2004. The world’s fastest road car when introduced in 2004, the CCR is considered one of the company’s milestones.

The new model, which has a thin diffuser at the rear, resembles the Agera model with its rear bumper design. The Koenigsegg Agera RS, which took the title of Bugetti Chiron’s fastest car by reaching a speed of 457 km / h in 2017, is a very ambitious car. 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the CC8S, the company’s first production car in 2002. Therefore, it is estimated that the CC8S model will be referred to in the new model in the design details.

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Announcing its 2022 targets, Koenigsegg underlined that this year’s target is “superior performance through smart engineering moves and optimum design”. Although no details of the new model are known yet, it is estimated that it will be introduced with a V8 engine. Horror games that will make you break out in cold sweat
The list we have prepared for you includes horror games that you should give a chance. If you don’t like walking simulations, still give it a try.


There is a group of players who are firmly attached to horror games. No matter how much these people love to consume TV series and movies of the same genre, you can experience the helpless situations they put you through in horror games. The first horror game in history is known as Haunted House, which was released in 1972. Haunted House came out on a game console called Magnavox Odyssey at that time. The reason people want to be afraid and enjoy fear lies in the hormonal response we get when we are exposed to a threat or crisis.

Experiencing these feelings comes back as adrenaline. Being exposed to such feelings, especially without leaving the comfort zone, creates an adrenaline addiction. This increases our dependence on horror genre productions. In the list we have prepared for you, there are games that you can be afraid of without leaving your comfort zone. There may also be productions on the list that are not considered horror games for you. But there are games that make most players nervous while playing and scare them with the design of the enemies.

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Horror games for those who want some action in the job
Some horror games can leave you helpless. You cannot attack enemies or set traps for them. In such situations, the best thing is to run away from your enemies or hide. Today, there are games that have made a name for themselves using this game mechanic. Such productions maximize the tension and fear on the actor. If you still want to send it, it doesn’t matter to me, here is our list with you.

Alan Wake
Our first game, Alan Wake, immerses you in a dark and action-packed atmosphere. You fight against your enemies with a lantern and a gun in your hand. Alan, a famous writer, discovers that he is living the events in his book. Although the game scares you at first, it turns into an action game later on. Of course, the important point here is how quickly you can get used to the horror dosage of the game. If you can get used to it quickly, it will turn into a fun action game for you.

Alien: Isolation for those who love space-themed horror games
Alien: Isolation is a stealth horror game where you and your character on the space station try to escape. But in this game, your hands are not picking pears. With melee or ranged weapons, it gives you a great advantage against your enemies and most importantly your main enemy alien (also known as Sevastopol Drone, The Creature or Xenomorph) who is constantly following you. Since you can’t kill the Xenomorph you have to use your ammo carefully and only spend ammo on the Xenomorph to create an escape route.