Demand for AMD’s facing computers has faced delays over next-gen Threadripper systems with Zen 3. Now the exit team is planning the year 2022.
Those that will be used at educational levels in themselves use the AMD 5000 5000 screwing systems, which are both intended for use and intended use. compilatori

The Threadripper systems, which appeal to professionals and speed enthusiasts, will allegedly be delayed by 1 year. There has never been an official release for system operations with release date announcements before. In other words, this is your feature before the claim in question. The person who made the claim is komiya the Twitter user greymon55, who has gained the trust of many people with the information he has given from within the industry. “Chagall seems to be delayed, probably to next year,” the user explained, before the release date of the processors was shown as November of 2021. wearelondonmade

As a result of the attack on Gigabyte in August, information of several hardware, including the Threadripper 5990X processor, was revealed. According to this information, the 5990X will have 64 cores and 128 threads. The model, which is expected to come with 256MB L3 cache, will use 64 PCIe 4.0 interfaces. The model, whose clock speed is not shared, is expected to reveal the main difference between the 3990X model at this point. jopspeech

Apart from this, in the information that was released towards the end of August, 5000 series Pro Threadripper processors were mentioned. According to the information, the first of the models, which came up with the names of Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX and Ryzen Threadripper look-4 Pro 5945WX, has 64 cores and 128 threads, while the second one has 12 cores and 24 threads. The new iPad Mini 6 was criticized for its hardware problems less than a month after its release. Users who have the problem think that iPads should be recalled. joerg

Apple relied heavily on the iPad Mini, which it launched on September 24. The iPad Mini, which managed to become one of Apple’s most pre-ordered products on September 14, was almost hit by its users even before it completed its first month. iu-bloomington

After a video shared by a user on the Reddit platform, hundreds of users said that they had the same problem and that the iPad Mini 6 should be collected back. The user, who opened a thread on the Apple forum on Reddit, said, “I bought the iPad Mini 6 64GB Wi-Fi model about 1 week ago and I saw that the device had connstr a problem with the LCD, The problem I had was when I held the iPad horizontally with the power button on the top right and the screen was on any side. When I touched a part of the screen, the LCD was broken in the upper right part of the screen. I took the iPad to Apple service and requested a replacement, but unfortunately the new iPad given to me had the same problem, but the situation was worse with the new iPad.” He shared the situation with other users. embermanchester

Some of the users who saw the video and the post stated that they had the same problem with their iPads and that Apple should recall the iPads instead of replacing them. Another user, who went to the Apple Store to make a change, stated that the Apple service person said that “iPads may be recalled soon.” When the phone numbers shown in the Squid Game broadcast on Netflix, slipstone which has a very different subject, turned out to be real, people showered the real owners of the numbers with calls and messages. Stating that it has taken a step to save the number holders from this problem, Netflix announced that they will replace the phone numbers shown in the series with invalid numbers.

As you know, the whole world is agitated with the TV series Squid Game, which is currently broadcast on Netflix. logoarts This South Korean-made series, where the actors have no choice but to participate in a series of strange struggles, shared many ‘real’ phone numbers with millions of viewers in its aired episodes.

Normally, it is almost impossible for these phone numbers to belong to a real person, but as time passed, it turned out that all the phone numbers in the Squid Game were real and the owners of these numbers began to be disturbed by dozens of people. acpirateradio Taking action on this issue, Netflix announced that they will bring an arrangement to all phone numbers in the series.
One person, who claimed that one of the phone numbers shown in the series belonged to him, stated that he was “bombarded with messages and calls” and that such events made it impossible to do his daily work. Also, many people have complained to Netflix that the numbers belong to them. waytowhatsnext

Stating that it will make a change about the Squid Game, which has achieved great success since its release and sits in the first row of Netflix lists, Netflix stated that they will make an adjustment to the numbers and thus all grievances will be eliminated. webb-dev